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Easi-Flo Drainage Pump
Products: Hits: 1330Easi-Flo Drainage Pump 
Brand: Acson
Price: Negotiable
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Updated: 2015-07-23 09:39


Models : PB10245, PB20245, PF10245, PE60245


Excellent Draining Capability
Rotor is designed to give sufficient torque for greater ability to expel water and to allow greater height of discharge.

Low Sound Level
Low velocity motor means low sound level. A uniqued vibration-suction suspension system and high quality ball bearing on the motor further reduces the operating sound level.

Safety Feature
All plastic material is made of fire retardant ABS material with UL94 V-O standard and the circuit is protected by a temperature fuse.

Noise Reduction System (patent pending)
Recognising that noise is a concern to users, a unique vibration-suction suspension system is designed to further reduce the motor noise level.

Unique Flow Switch Design (parent pending)
The pump operates with the light detecting flow switch, unlike many of other pumps in the market, this solves the problem of usual metal rod sensor which may become rusty and insensitive after prolong use.


Hassle Free & Easy Installation
No more messy wall hacking, with the small drainage tube replacing conventional drain pipes, you do not need to hack your walls and conceal the piping anymore. Thus simplifying your air conditioner installation work.

Flexibility of Installation
The location of the indoor unit is not restrained by the drain pipes. The excellent pump lift of the Easi-Flo drainage pump allows the small drainage tube to have a maximum of 1.5m height and 10m horizontal stretch. Thus you can install your indoor unit at the most desirable location in the room.

The drainage pump suits any brand of air conditioner unit in the market and any capacity up to 3hp.

Aesthetic Appeal
There will be no unsightly conventional drain pipes noticeable. Besides that the Easi-Flo drainage pump is designed to blend in easily with your indoor unit and interior decoration. Thus remaining the aesthetic appeal of your room environment while providing you an absolute solution.

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