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Air Cooled Modular Chiller
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Brand: Acson
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Updated: 2015-07-23 09:39

Acson Air-cooled chillers provide the most efficient solution for large data center environments. Air cooled chillers afford placement flexibility while supporting both Row and Room cooling products.


Models :

  • AMAC 160A module (AMAC 160A, AMAC 320A, AMAC 480A, AMAC 640A, AMAC 800A, AMAC 960A)
  • AMAC 210B module (AMAC 210B, AMAC 420B, AMAC 630B, AMAC 840B, AMAC 1050B, AMAC 1260B)
  • AMAC 260B module (AMAC 260B, AMAC 520B, AMAC 780B, AMAC 1040B, AMAC 1300B, AMAC 1560B)

Cooling Capacity:157,000-1,596,000 Btu/h

Refrigerant: R22


AMAC units are high thermodynamic engineering products, studied with high accuracy in balancing compressors, condensers and evaporators in order to offer high performance and wide safety margins. The choosing of the materials and the equipment adopted for the products has been made without any compromises, taking care of quality and long life purpose. The products meet ISO 9001 requirements, an assurance beyond any doubt of the high producing standards followed by ACSON.

AMAC160A, AMAC210B and AMAC260B, are maximum designed as the 3 basic modules, different modules can be combined to satisfy different load. The number of combination is maximum 9 modules, however it''''''''s still very convenient to transport and install these units by separating them into single ones.

The AMAC units are available in size covering a range from 46 to 702 kW nominal cooling capacity. With availability of many accessories, application of high tech control and safety devices, the units are of high flexibility for their installation in commercial, residential and industrial environment. They couple with different types of fan coil units or AHU. This series is ideal for various kinds of application, different areas by modular combination.

The units are completely assembled at factory which reduces the cost of installation on site. A rigid steel base distributes the weight of the unit to the support points and allows simple installation by an easy access to the lifting points.

The unit is divided into seperate compartments, keeping compressor noise from reaching the fan, plenum or duct section. 17mm and 25mm double skin 40kg/m3 density polyurethane panel provides excellent thermal insulation (U=0.68 W/m2K) and substantially reduces unit noise level.

The two air cooled condenser coils with V-shaped are made of staggered rows of 3/8" OD seamless copper tube, mechanically expanded onto die formed aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat exchange capability.

To achieve the high air charge requirement, the unit is equipped with high airflow propeller fan which is made of acryl styrene resin. The fan is driven directly by weatherproof three-phase motor to ensure reliable continuous operation.

The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel plates closely arranged and brazed together to ensure high heat exchange efficiency. The whole heat exchanger is insulated with thermal closed cell nitric rubber foam to give optimum thermal insulation.

The refrigerant circuit is factory brazed and evacuated before accurately charged with R22 to ensure optimum operating requirement. To ensure flawless continuous operation, each refrigerant circuit is equipped with a carefully sized thermostatic expansion valve, or a capillary tube.

The modular air-cooled chillers are equipped with intelligently designed safety control to ensure continuous safe operation. High and low pressure switch is provided to prevent the compressor damage resulting from both abnormally high discharge head pressure and low pressure due to insufficient gas. In addition, thermal and current overload protector are supplied with the units as well as phase sequencer protector.


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